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Take control of your food production with the first recipe management app. Control your costs and the pricing of your products so you don't incur further losses due to incorrectly calculating your prices.

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An app for organizing and pricing your recipes
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PocketChef is an essential app for anyone who works with confectionery, bakery and food production in general.

Take control of your recipes and all the supplies you use in your kitchen. PocketChef will be your daily helper in your organization.

Take control over your supplies and equipment

Every kitchen has dozens of ingredients and other supplies needed to produce recipes. Managing the cost of each of them is essential when deciding how much to charge for your product.

With PocketChef you can register each supply you have in your kitchen, recording the purchase price so that the app can calculate your costs.

Supplies management
Know all the costs and profit margin of your recipes
Recipes pricing

Each recipe uses different ingredients and requires different processes. Everything you use to prepare food, from supplies to electrical and gas equipment, generates a cost in production.

When registering your recipes on PocketChef, the app will inform you of all the details of the production cost, accurately detailing your profit margin. You'll also never forget to update your costs, as PocketChef will notify you when prices are out of date.

Build an online Digital Menu for your business

Just as important as set prices correctly is to publicize your products on the Internet. With PocketChef you can easily have your own Digital Menu.

Set a link and check what products you want to show in the Digital Menu and PocketChef does the rest. You will only need to share your link on your social networks so that your customers will see your customized menu on the palm of their hands.

Digital Menu
Use PocketChef anywhere
Mobile app

PocketChef stores your data in our cloud. You'll never have to worry about losing your recipes, as it will take care of them for you.

Our app works on any smartphone and computer connected to the Internet. Take it to the market whenever you buy your ingredients and take the opportunity to record the prices. After all, we will be your PocketChef!

Know our subscription plans
PocketChef can be used for free, allowing you to register up to 2 recipes, 10 supplies, 2 appliances and 10 customers.

Free Plan

A free plan for you to try our app.

  • 2 recipes
  • 10 supplies
  • 2 appliances
  • 10 customers

Beginner Plan

This plan allows you to register more supplies and recipes to start correctly pricing your sales.

  • 50 recipes
  • 100 supplies
  • 50 appliances
  • 200 customers
  • Nutrition Facts panel

Professional Plan

This plan allows you to make the most of Chef de Bolso, taking full advantage of our features.

  • 250 recipes
  • 500 supplies
  • 250 appliances
  • 1000 customers
  • Nutrition Facts panel
How to subscribe?

To subscribe to one of the PocketChef plans, sign up into our platform and then choose your plan from the app.

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